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“You appear to get a much bigger release of endorphins when you dance than during other forms of exercise; it also connects with the emotional centres in the brain. For many people, dancing prompts an emotional release – often that’s uncomplicated happiness”
Dancing also improves spatial awareness, as well as raising the heart rate and causing a release of feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. One more benefit is that it helps reduce levels of cortisol – a stress ho
rmone. “That’s another reason why it makes you feel happy and more relaxed” 
The Telegraph

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We are a 'ladies only' pole dance studio.

According to a study conducted by Sport England, a significant percentage of ladies prefer a women’s only fitness facilities.

The things that can hold women back from getting into activity they like are as diverse and unique as the women who come to our studio. They can range from fears about being judged and wearing sportswear/polewear in front of the opposite sex to simply being unable to wear these clothing in a mixed gender space because of their religion or just feeling uncomfortable.

All these concerns are valid and they really matter, they have a real impact in stopping women going to fitness clubs or pole dance studios. 

If you are a woman, looking to get into pole dance in an environment that gives you comfort as well as confidence, we create a safe space for you!

We are happy to be next to you during your pole dance journey in the friendly and safe environment;  guide, support  and surprise you with  what your body is capable for! Join our classes and find your new passion!

POLE DANCE (POLE FITNESS) - exciting and fun way to improve your fitness level and achieve your fitness goals. It is a perfect full body workout!
For all classes 1 PERSON PER POLE is guaranteed! Feel the advantage!

Whatever you do - do it for 100%!

Pole fitness, dance and fun!