We are happy to be next to you during your pole dance journey in the friendly and safe environment;  guide, support  and surprise you with  what your body is capable for!

All our instructors have approved qualification and are fully insured.

Marina Iris

Founder and owner of Iris Pole Dance Studio

'I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience and dance passion with you!'

Pole dancing since 2011

Teaching background: since 2013

Personal Achievements:

Exotic Generation Poland Finalist (October 2018)

Pole Theatre UK PRO CLASSIQUE  Finalist (May 2017)

FMC Pro Fitness Model. FMC European Fitness Model Finals 2016

Top 4 Best Pole Dancer Europe Nomination by Pole Dance Awards 2015 (February 2016)

Pole Theatre UK, Pole Classique Semi Pro category Finalist (January 2016)

Exotic Pole Dance Championship (Odessa, Ukraine) - 3rd place in Elite category and "Best choreography Award" (October 2015)

Exotic Pole Dance Championship (Odessa, Ukraine) - 2nd place in Pro category (April 2015)

Sport Pole Dance Open Festival (Odessa, Ukraine) - 2nd place in Exotic Pole Dance Pro category (September 2014)



Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor.

Marynka is a multiple winner of pole dancing competitions. She is a student of the circus academy. She feels more confident in the air than on the ground and teaches students to fly. She teaches them to combine strength and femininity. She takes into account the body features of each student and makes training useful, safe and enjoyable for everyone. By joining the training, you will improve your strength and flexibility, plasticity of movements and self-control.

You will learn to look graceful and feel confident both in the air and on the ground. Don't give up on your dreams, become the best version of yourself, Marynka will make your journey fun and enjoyable.


Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor.

Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching background: since 2021


Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor.

Pole dancing since: 2014

Qualified pole instructor since: 2022

Before I started pole dance, I was a dancer with an interest in street, commercial & break dancing. I performed in many shows and competitions and loved the acrobatic side to dance. Pole became an alternative option for fun fitness and has helped me bring my passion for dance and acrobats together.

I began teaching because of the confidence I gained from being a student and the long term friends I made because we shared the same sport. I want to help others achieve this too.


Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor.

Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2023

I will guide you through your pole journey in a kind, safe, supportive and friendly manner at the same time pushing you out of your comfort, will help you to gradually build up your pole skills, reconnect with your body and mind through this amazing type of workout 


Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor.

Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2023

What started as a personal journey to improve my fitness and self-confidence has transformed into a lifelong passion. Pole dancing has not only changed me body but also empowered me in ways I never imagined. The combination of strength, flexibility, grace, and self-expression not only challenged me physically but also mentally.

Teaching pole dance is a natural extension of my personal journey. I'm inspired by the positive changes it's brought to my life and enjoy sharing its benefits. Witnessing my students grow in strength and confidence is a rewarding experience and creating a supportive, empowering environment for them is my priority.