We are happy to be next to you during your pole dance journey in the friendly and safe environment;  guide, support  and surprise you with  what your body is capable for!

Marina Iris

Founder and owner of Iris Pole Dance Studio.

Professional Certified Pole Dance / Exotic Pole Dance instructor based in London.

'I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience and dance passion with you!'

Pole dancing since 2011

Teaching background: since 2013

Personal Achievements:

Exotic Generation Poland Finalist (October 2018)

Pole Theatre UK PRO CLASSIQUE  Finalist (May 2017)

FMC Pro Fitness Model. FMC European Fitness Model Finals 2016: Beach Bikini - 1st Place, Fitness - 2nd Place (October 2016)

Dance Filthy UK, Pro category Finalist and... Runner UP! (February 2016)

Top 4 Best Pole Dancer Europe Nomination by Pole Dance Awards 2015 (February 2016)

Pole Theatre UK, Pole Classique Semi Pro category Finalist (January 2016)

Exotic Pole Dance Championship (Odessa, Ukraine) - 3rd place in Elite category and "Best choreography Award" (October 2015)

Exotic Pole Dance Championship (Odessa, Ukraine) - 2nd place in Pro category (April 2015)

Sport Pole Dance Open Festival (Odessa, Ukraine) - 2nd place in Exotic Pole Dance Pro category (September 2014)



Professional Certified Pole Dance instructor and performer.

'I love pole dancing for the possibility of combining dance with acrobatics. Thanks to the variety of this sport I can express myself by doing many pole shapes, dancing and choreographing, as well as pushing my limits by adding gymnastics tricks to my training. 

As an instructor, looking at people’s progress makes me bursting with pride that I could have a hand in it. I like sharing my knowledge and experience with others and I want to be a part of this still growing pole society.'

Pole dancing since 2018

Teaching background: since 2019

Gymnastics background: 10 years

Personal Achievements:

Polish Aerial Championships hosted by Polish Federation Air Power Athletics, Pole Sport Professional category Finalist (2019)

Polish Pole Dance Championships Juniors category Finalist (2019)

World Aerial and Pole Online Championships organised by World Aerial Sports & Art Federation, Senior category - 1st PLACE (2020)