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'As one of Google's local guides, I must say that I am really glad that I came across Iris pole's ad on Instagram.

This has completely changed my perspective on how to train efficiently and smart. As someone who has never had any experience in any sort of dance or specific sports, pole became a passion rather than just a routine work out for me. But this could not have happen without the support of all the instructors in Iris studio.

Firstly, the place is very convenient to reach, 2 mins away from Kilburn and 3 mins away from Brondsbury stations. It is only for women which is a plus for me personally. Great, clean and decent size changing room with racks to store your belongings safely ( this is a big plus as some other studios that I have gone, do not have this facility).

They provide you with yoga blocks and mats so you don't have to carry yours.

Trainees get to have one pole per person for the whole session and you are not sharing the pole with others. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your work out and of course hygiene wise it is far better and safer. They also make sure that all equipment are sanitised before the next session starts.

One thing I noticed and loved about this place is that for all the new joiners, Marina or any other instructors greet the newbies, guide them around the studio and ask about about any previous experience or injuries.

I have not seen this level of care in other places which puts them higher than any other average studio in London. The trainings that they give you   very much depends on your level of experience. Even the combos have modifications for the less experienced individuals.

So if you are a newbie, you will be given easier moves and if you are experienced you will be given challenges. However, they do not push you or make you do anything that you do not feel confidant or comfortable with.

Their level of customer care is beyond what I was expecting. When I came down with Covid, I could not attend few sessions, of course I cancelled within the allowed timing (3 but what stood out for me was that they extended my membership without even having me asking for it.

This was an issue with Exotica studio where they refused to provide any sort of solution for my cancelation whilst I was in self isolation.

Be aware that classes get booked very quickly as they are in high demand so you've got to reserve your spot very fast before it gets fully booked, I have missed my chance few times as I was busy with other things.

So if you want to book a class for the end of the week best is to do it at beginning of the week as by mid week it will be already fully booked.

My advice for this studio is keep up the excellent work and service. You guys are all stars.'

Maria Luisa:

'Super welcoming, relaxed, supportive and funny staff. Love to train there every week.'


'Probably the only one in London that is Ladies Only! So happy I've found this amazing pole dance studio! As I'm a bit sensitive, shy and cautious, I'd feel very uncomfortable with guys in the same class or changing room.

Another amazing thing is one per pole policy so I take most out of my workout and not sharing equipment.

Skilled, professional and supportive instructors. Good choice of classes.'


'Love this place with the teachers and the one person per pole policy!'


'I've taken a pole dance course before somewhere else but I have learned far more at the drop in beginner sessions than I did previously. Sandra is a great teacher, very calm, thorough and the pace of the class is perfect. You are challenged to make it worthwhile but taught moves you can progress in quite quickly. I love going and will be back.'


'5 stars to this amazing instructor, who runs the best school on London. Friendly environment and high quality training !!'


'Keep dancing with Marina for a year and half, she is absolutely amazing and as a teacher.'


'I had taken a few pole classes before taking a year long break and decided to start again and come to Marina’s classes - I cannot recommend enough! The new studio is very spacious and clean, and the classes are 1 to a pole which is very rare!

She is always very clear and calm, and always makes sure you are doing a move properly so you don’t injure yourself. You also don’t need to worry too much about what your level is if you’ve taken a break as she will accommodate for you and everyone is different in class! I have progressed in pole quicker than I would have imagined since my first class with Marina a year ago!'


'I usually don't leave reviews but feel like this place deserves a recognition. The studio is really specious, well lit and with plenty of mirrors, even the changing room is enormous and super clean. Marina is a super skilled and fantastic instructor, she's really friendly and helpful. There are literally classes for everyone regardless of age or experience.'


'Amazing brand new pole dancing facilities in North West London!

Marina teaches with dedication, patience and passion.  Highly recommend for anyone who would like to either start pole for the first time or to seriously train in a friendly and supportive environment.'